General Dietary Recommendations

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    Read The Plant Paradox -

    Follow the included links below for additional information on each topic:

    General dietary recommendations ( ).

    1. Eat raw, unprocessed organic food as often as possible.

    2. Increase pure water ( )

    3. Minimize simple sugars, flour and anything made with flour, milk and anything made with milk (milk from other animals is properly digested only by those animals).

    4. Minimize inflammatory foods ( )

    5. Enzymes ( ) for digestion and for inflammation.

    6. Herbs and spices for Inflammation and improved healing: Arnica, Complete Tissue & Bone ointment, curcumin, capsaican, etc.

    7. Vitamins: A (beta carotene); B complex with extra B6 and B12; C complex with bioflavonoids; D3 with K2; E complex & krill oil

    8. Minerals: Minerals from the Sea, Calcium Plus, Magnesium Plus, etc.

    9. NO POP: Directly contributes to bone loss, muscle and joint aches and pains, etc.


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