Mid/Upper Back & Neck: Flexibility & Mobility

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    27 Aug 2017 Administrator

    1. Gentle, full range of motion head and neck movements

    2. Wall stand: Stand with your heels and back against a wall. Keep your knees slightly bent. Gently tighten your abdominal muscles to move and hold the top of your pelvis back a little. Tuck your chin and move your head back towards the wall. Pull your shoulders back and down. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and step away from the wall. Repeat often.

    3. Back Bends: Lie back over cushions/pillows or the correct size exercise ball. Check the chart on the outside of the box in the store to see what diameter ball to get for your height. When you lie back, keep your head in contact with the ball or cushions/pillows. Begin with 5 to 10 seconds and progress to 30 seconds, especially before bed and upon arising.

    4. Dual Bulb Posture Pump: Available through our office or online. Begin slowly and progress gradually.

    5. Breathing: Check these two web sites. Breathing exercises are excellent for loosening the ribs and relaxing muscles. http://bit.ly/2n01GxQ and Dr. Andrew Weil: http://bit.ly/2tOYgOn


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