Whole Spine Flexibility and Mobility

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    19 Jun 2017 Administrator
    Edited last year by Doc

    This Innovation was submitted by someone who attended the first part of the June, 2017 seminar.

    I lay on my back before I get out of bed, put on fun music and move like a worm from top to bottom loosening all my muscles and joints.

  2. Doc

    19 Jun 2017 Administrator

    This sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Could we get a demonstration of this at the next seminar?

  4. Doc

    25 Jun 2017 Administrator

    I was going to reply that I would ask her but maybe I should speak with her husband first. This could open an entirely new perspective for future seminars.

    To preclude protests from anyone who might take this too literally, NO, I'm not serious. : - )

  5. LOL :-)


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