Toes: Bunions, Hammer Toes

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    4 Jul 2017 Administrator
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    This Innovation may help if you have a bunion on the joint just below your big (great) toe. As the bunion grows, your big toe is forced more towards your other toes.
    First, make sure you have proper fitting shoes that do not crowd your toes.
    Then, to improve the mobility of your big toe and, possibly, slow the progression of the growth of the bunion, sit so you can firmly hold the joint just below your big toe with one hand. With your other thumb and index finger move your big toe in circles. About every third circle give your big toe a little jerk away from your other toes. Do NOT do this too forcefully. Just firmly enough to "encourage" it to move a little more freely in the direction opposite which it has been moving. Do at least six little bumps several times daily.

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    3 Aug 2017 Administrator

    This Innovation was submitted by someone who attended the seminar last week.

    For hammer toes and great toe displacement, I've found a product called Yoga Toes ( ). The shape and soft silicone is great to wear while doing foot and ankle movements. After time, walking barefoot with them is possible but not real easy. It takes time but I find them very helpful for retraining.


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